The Greater St. Louis Claims Association is a networking organization designed to promote harmony and cordial business relations among our members.

Our goals are:

  • To enhance the ability of members, prospective members and guests to increase their knowledge of ethical practices in the insurance and claims adjusting industries through regular meetings, educational presentations by members, educational presentations by guest lecturers and discussions between and among the members;
  • To provide a forum to encourage members to discuss common problems in the insurance and claims adjusting industries;
  • To provide a forum where members can exchange information concerning matters of public interest in the insurance and claims adjusting industries, related to ethical practices, limiting fraud, reducing waste and efficiently resolving claims ranging from disputed claims to clear liability claims;
  • To promote harmonious relations between members, prospective members and the public in processing and resolving insurance claims;
  • To encourage and assist students, professional members and prospective members with educational opportunities related to acquiring skills which assist in reduction of fraud and waste in the insurance and claims adjusting industries benefiting the public good; and
  • To make charitable donations to insurance and claim adjusting related charities and charitable causes, and for members to volunteer time performing work for local charities and charitable causes.


Our Team